Join us for our free
Living Trust Seminar
in Kingston, TN

On Tuesday, June 11 our event will cover:

  • The distinction between a trust and a will
  • How our resources can help you put an easy and affordable plan in place for your spouse, children and other beneficiaries
  • Ways to minimize the burden on your family
  • How to avoid probate and minimize capital gains taxes
  • Invaluable information about estate planning
  • The necessities to preserving your legacy and safeguarding your family from extra legal burdens


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Trusts are not just for the rich, everyone should have one. These
seminars have done an amazing job in demystifying the process
and making it affordable for everyone.

Richard V. - California

It is important to plan for your future today

Life is unpredictable and it is never too early to prepare for what lies ahead. All assets are worth protecting. After
attending our seminar, you will have a team behind you to help put a plan into action to protect your legacy, your family
and your future. We look forward to seeing you for an hour-long information-packed session.